Weekly Update 001

Seeing as how this blog is often about adulting, I kinda started to miss telling you guys about my real-life updates. So every Thursday (or every other Thursday if things get busy) I'm going to give you little updates on what's going on in my life. What I'm watching or listening to, what kinds of things I did over the weekend-- all that goodness. 4-7 little tidbits about what I've done, what weird things I've been thinking about, and other such nonsense you might relate to. So here's this week's update.

We are moving to a new apartment! I've not talked that much about how much of a hellacious endeavor it was for me and my current three roommates to get our little two bedroom in Hell's Kitchen in depth, but rest assured, it was a special kind of hell. Not only were 3/4 of us un- or under-employed-- we were also fresh out of school and had no idea how the heck to do an apartment hunt. Bless Annie, our 4th housemate and savior. This year, I had a much better idea of what I was doing. My friend Emily and I recently found out we're approved for a place in Brooklyn! I am both excited and overwhelmed by the thought of moving again.

We went to DisneyWorld! We're getting an apartment together and we went to Disneyworld together! It was a little spur of the moment in that I only planned it a month or less out, but it turned out to be exactly what we both needed. Neither of us had been to Disneyworld since high school and I finally cashed in on my Disney Employee perks at the parks! You can see the trip video here, and next week there will be a haul video of all the goodies I bought.

I'm sick. Almost immediately after coming back from Disneyworld, I fell deeply ill. I'm currently fighting an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection, and pharyngitis. The weekend I had planned to spend getting stuff done (like laundry) went out the window and I've been instead trying to stay hydrated, fighting off fever and chills, and generally attempting to rest and remain in bed.  And that's honestly been the majority of my week.

I am so mad that CBS didn't renew Rush Hour. I have been fighting so hard for this show. Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 (Rush Hour 3 was terrible, frankly) were actually really important to me as a kid. I grew up an Asian American kid to immigrant parents and we were all trying to navigate identity. As an Asian American, you're not really considered a part of the "minority" identity due to "model minority" myths, and you're locked out of whiteness with very little history or solidarity with other oppressed peoples to stand upon, because in many cases it's been a game of distancing your people from the fact that you are people of color, lest you be treated worse. Rush Hour was so important to me not just in that it was a fun buddy cop movie, but because it brought an Asian guy and a Black guy together, fighting bad guys, kicking butt, and forging friendship through navigating a fish-out-of-water situation. The new Rush Hour TV show had a lot of that in it, while doing so much more. It gave Lee sex appeal (in the eyes of non-Asians even!) which is very rarely afford to Asian male leads. It gave Dede an expanded role and Carter more heart than he had in the films. This show was so genuinely funny, too. I am so mad CBS didn't renew it and I hope someone picks it up. Please go watch this show, available for free on cbs.com. Also please tweet about it.

I'm making a list of stuff I gotta figure out before I move. There is so much to figure out. I gotta make accounts with service providers. I gotta get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need. I gotta pack everything. I need to figure out which stuff I need to get-- this is no small amount of stuff since I'm going from an apartment with 4 people's stuff into an apartment with only 2 people's stuff.

I paid for a flight using credit card miles! Okay, I didn't pay for the whole flight using miles, but I did pay for like 2/3 of it. The idea of having "miles" and being able to travel with them has always seemed like such an adult-y thing so I kind of feel like I hit a milestone.

That's it for me. What's new with you?


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