Weekly Update 004

So much has happened in two weeks. Here are those things, in no particular order.

I packed and moved to Brooklyn. I live in a different place now! Packing is a stressful and overwhelming process but I did it and I moved. My movers were two pretty string bean looking guys but bot were they AMAZING MOVERS! They did what I thought was gonna be a 3-4 hour job in almost exactly 2 hours. I'm still working on getting my place together, but with all the upheaval this past weekend, I'm not very far into the "settling in" process.

I've been thinking about how mad I am about mannequins with nipples. I have many very good reasons for being infuriated by them. I think about this about 10 times per year, and my conclusion is always that they ruin everything and are terrible.

I saw The Crucible on Broadway. The Crucible is one of my favorite plays and I have a crush on Saoirse Ronan (beauty, talent, and brains-- she is everything) so I was super excited when my friend Beth invited me to join her! It was solid. I liked most of the choices made, and can I just say that GILES COREY STOLE THE DAMN SHOW. If you like The Crucible, I do recommend.

I bought furniture. I haven't bought new furniture in... forever? I've bought things from thrift stores and craigslist, but I've never bought myself new furniture. I got a small shelf set from Target and ordered some pieces from Wayfair. I'm happy with the amount I paid, but the stuff from Wayfair still hasn't come in yet-- I will report back on that.

I saw Finding Dory. I cried a lot. She'd been missing since she was a lil baby, you guys. It was great but you will cry. Also, I'm definitely the sea lions.

I realized that there are really people named Jake who work for State Farm. They probably love to introduce themselves as "Jake. From State Farm." I imagine that they only wear khakis, and that they have a Facebook group where they catch up with each other from around the country. I also like to imagine that every year, they pick a different state and rent out a Six Flags for a "Jake from State Farm" reunion. I feel like it's a long shot that all of that is true, but by choosing to believe it, I live in a slightly more magical world.

I watched Pacific Rim for the first time. I loved it. I also loved how many Futurama references were in it. Apparently Del Toro is a big Futurama fan too. A brother named Yancy? Come on.

That's my life in a nutshell right now. What's new with you?


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