Weekly Update 005

Here are some updates from the past few weeks!

The heart is heavy and tired. This past week has been an atrocity in terms of police brutality and the senseless murders of black people at the hands of police, as well as a horrifying attack on good cops who were supporting citizens' right to peaceful protest. But still, I am hopeful. The circumstances around these deaths, the coverage, and the transparency has caused this past week's events to reach the hearts and minds of people who have not been reached by anything before. More and more allies are coming forward with stories of intervening on behalf of black people. More people are speaking on both the fact that not all cops serve and protect, and the fact that in many cases the only reason they lived to tell about it was because they were white. These things make me hopeful. I think that is all I'll say here. I've talked a lot about #BLM on Twitter and a bit on Facebook as well if you are interested in reading further thoughts.

My room is finally coming together! After a very harrowing month of trying to get the CORRECT desk sent to me from an online retailer, I've FINALLY DONE IT. Once the desk came in, it's been so much easier to get REAL WORK done to improve my space. Admittedly I blew a lot of money this weekend on buying things for my home but I am excited to finally have a space I love living in. I was falling into a depressive slump a few weeks ago due to my maddening life-being-put-on-hold because shipping errors situation. It's been really nice to work on something that physically transforms something I consider an extension of myself and my psyche. I think I'll also be able to do more work creating great content now that I mentally and physically feel like I am in a better space to create.

Pokemon Go is making me active and I am living for it. I'm a recovering sedentary person (and sometimes, I'm not-so-recovery-y). I'm really excited to have a new exciting reason to get moving. Granted, I'll still have to work hard to get cardio in, get toned, and really get in shape, but having a reason to move even when I'm not up for a full on work out is such a huge improvement to my life. I'm also working to make sure I play safely, so I'm looking forward to making friends with my neighbors and playing with them! I'm going to be coming out with a blog post soon on all the ways Pokemon Go is changing my life. In the mean time, please remember to stay safe-- if something is not a good idea without Pokemon Go, it's not a good idea with Pokemon Go, including going out alone at night, being a distracted driver or pedestrian, or climbing into unknown terrain!

I had an identity crisis when picking a team. I eventually went Team Mystic, but I was really feeling Instinct as well! Honestly I spent a long while researching my choice and thinking it through... which in hindsight makes Mystic seem like the obvious choice.

I went to a Pagan Street Fair! I missed Witchsfest last year but I was really happy to catch it this year. I'm really looking forward to digging into my intuition and internal compass in really deliberate, ritualized ways this year. I think as a society we spend a lot of time muting, dulling, and drowning out our inner voices and truths so I'm excited to put an even bigger emphasis on thought, trusting myself, and listening to my body and heart. I bought some crystals, some palo santo (a recommendation from Melificent), and a deck. I love the idea of turning wishes, hopes, and questions into physical representations and rituals and then letting them go out into the world! I'm excited to get started on the craft. A lovely, powerful witch gave me advice and I feel very blessed to get involved with a practice that values sisterhood and honors passing down knowledge.

My sister visited! We had brunch at a cute spot. I talked her ear off about pokemon. She talked my ear off about bands I am not cool enough to know about. We took a walk through Prospect Park together and did some shopping at a really cool weird boutique. I bought some cards and a retro cute bee pin. She bought a really rad tote bag. It was so nice spending time with her without the "Etc." of family gatherings and holidays. Not to rag on family, of course, but as kids we had "everyday" together and we don't really have much of that anymore. I was nice to hang with her without also having to think about everyone else!

I finally uploaded my Disneyworld Haul. Remember how I went to Disneyworld before I moved and this got too busy to do like... anything? Me too! This video was shot at my old apartment but I didn't get around to editing it til just now. Whoops.

I gave myself bangs. I cut my own hair somewhat compulsively. It's usually after a period of craziness, slump-iness, or general malaise that I whip myself out of in a weirdly manic state. The malaise tends to overlap with long stretches of not caring for myself properly or wanting to break something about myself and it's usually my hair. There's a really long history of hair cutting being symbolic as hell in terms of turning over a new leaf (see: Zuko, my personal fave). I think this is what I needed. I mean I need more than this since it's been years since I've gotten a professional hair cut but that's neither here nor there. I am happy with my long side bangs and feel really renewed but this small shift.

That's it for me. What's new with you?


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