Life Update 008

I went to an engagement party. I love weddings and events celebrating friends in love, so I was very excited to spend time with the couple and their loved ones as we ate fried chicken.

I bought some new nail polish from I've had my eye on their products for a while, but I wanted to purge my nail polish collection before I bought more. I finally pulled the trigger and got Nip Slip which is a nude, and Tied Down which is a deep burgundy that I think is perfect for fall.

My beginning-of-Senior-Year care packages I sent my siblings arrived! As a really affectionate person, long distances between me and my loved ones can really wear on me, so I try to keep up with and care for people in my life by sending them mail. I sent my little brother and sister some supplies for school!

I bought some paper goods from Evil Supply Co! I've been a fan of theirs forever and we have a long-standing twitter friendship. I finally felt stable enough to clean out and begin my stationery collection anew!

Bumble gave up on me. Okay, so maybe that's a little dramatic, but one of my dating apps is apparently running out of people for me to look at. It regularly informs me that they've "run out." This is either a testament to my standards or a death knell upon the app's dwindling population. 

My Kate Spade planner came in. I am adjusting to the personal size. I love A5 (large) planners but they are so heavy and bulky that I'm downsizing while also upgrading the quality. It was on sale and I'm very happy I caught it.

I started watching Stranger Things. I love it-- but I'm pacing myself and haven't finished so please no spoilers!

ICYMI - I got some dresses from ThredUp! Check out my haul/try-on video!


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