Life Update 009

I swapped my summer wardrobe out for my fall wardrobe! I still have some shorts and tank tops out, but I also put away most of my summer-specific clothes and busted out the sweaters and heavier skirts!

I bought some amazing jackets at Burlington Coat Factory! One is a bad ass fake leather jacket and the other is a berry/wine Steve Madden hooded jacket that makes me look like a fairy tale character. I'm LIVING for it.

I saw Aubergine at Playwrights Horizons. It's my first time seeing a play by a Korean American writer. I have a lot of feelings about it and you can read about them in my latest Harper Watched

I've decided to cut beef out of my diet. For me personally the most compelling argument against eating meat is the environmental one, and the beef industry is the most resource intensive, environmentally harmful meat product of all. I don't think I could ever go vegan or even vegetarian, but I do want to do a little bit better. I've made a couple exceptions for myself-- I'm allowed to eat beef when I'm sick, as several of my comfort foods during sickness involve beef, and on special occasions.

I finally got my exam done. Literally just in time since I have no glasses and until the other day, only another week's worth of contacts. I've been meaning to do it for months, but between the complicated nature of insurance (it's my parents', not my own, so I have to route a lot of questions through them first) and my general dread regarding setting up commitments to strangers (albeit medical strangers) I kept putting it off. 

I finished Stranger Things. Things I'm mad about: Apparently everyone just bought the "Barb ran away" story and even when Nance found out she was dead she was like... over it a lil too fast?? Barb was a queen and did not deserve to die. Why in the hell did they cast a guy who looks exactly like a young Jean Ralphio to be Steve Harrington, the cool guy love interest? The most distracting thing ever. 

Also I finally posted my August Faves video-- which I kept being too tired to edit. 


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