Life Update 010

I got glasses. They're the Milton from Warby Parker. They look really good, and apart from no longer being able to pretend my eyesight is mostly okay by having things on my literal eyeballs almost all the time giving me the illusion that my eyesight isn't really that bad, I'm adjusting pretty well.

I bought the most amazing calendar I've ever seen in my life for way too much money. My 2016 calendar is 3 months from the end, and with my need to constantly by surrounded by calendars and have my plans mapped out ahead of time, I began getting antsy about having a new calendar lined up. While enjoying myself at Papél New York's sample sale, I bought tons of cards and this gorgeous calendar.

I am dead inside, but at least all my TV is back. Work has been especially intense lately, and while I love working on big stuff, it's also crazy tiring. That's part of the reason I'm not able to post as often-- I just don't want to use my brain after work. Thank goodness TV is back. It's so nice to be able to kick back and enjoy the products of other people's brains rather thank cranking out stuff on my own.

I went to a murder mystery party. I had a ton of fun pretending to be a ball-busting LA lawyer and I successfully solved the murder!

My best ever ThredUp haul to date touched down at my apartment. Man, once you learn your sizes, shopping on ThredUp is suuuper fun. I'm not planning on buying anything but immediate needs until Black Friday, but boy did I get some goodies from ThredUp including a totally magical dress and a black skirt in the exact length I have been scouring the pages for! Use this link and get $10 to use within 30 days of sign up!

I finally posted my September Faves video. I'm trying to get back on top of content but work has been pretty brutal.

I decided what I'm going to be for Halloween! Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph! I'll probably post my costume progress on social so don't forget to follow me on instagram and twitter @harperyi!

I'm looking for a New York or Brooklyn-based photographer who can do 80s glamour style photos for me. Let me know if you've got recommendations.


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