October Wishlist

Marimekko Ritva Duvet Set. My spring/summer bedding is all coral, and it's definitely time to change it up. I really want some new bedding for fall/winter and I'm really feeling these florals. It's no secret I'm a lover of Scandinavian design, and these stately botanicals are perfect for bringing the crisp clean air of the cooler months into my room-- without making me depressed. Is it just me or are a lot of winter colors depressing?

Kiki's Delivery Service Radio Crossbody Bag.
 Kiki's Delivery Service is one of my favorite witchy movies and this cute bag from Hot Topic is the perfect piece. I have been loving statement bags that look like retro tech.

Halloween Spirit Serving Board Tray. The perfect way to entertain this Halloween season is with a spooky tray. Let's be real, I'll have it out all year round.

Justin Trudeau Scented Candle. Even if this candle was not made in tribute to my fave world leader, it smells like maple and chai, which is a pretty rad blend of smells. Ps: this is the candle I literally brought up at a party.

Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe Gift Set. Too Faced is quickly becoming one of my favorite cosmetic brands. On top of having great quality product, it is all packaged in cute and dessert-themed packaging, and it all smells like sweets. My aesthetic at all times is "princess candy witch" so Too Faced hits on all of the above. This set is amazing and I need it.


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