November Goals

Before we jump into this month's goals, let's see how I did on last month's goals!

Be outside more. Check! I got out of the house at least once every weekend for non-errand related reasons. I got in some walks, grabbed some coffee, and chilled out outside of my house. There were even snaps to prove it!

Get a better sleep cycle. I don't think I succeeded here, but I did get a lot of sleep. I've been staying late at work recently so I think it's making me extra tired. Maybe next month!

Drink more water. Check! I have been trying to hydrate more. It's doing wonders for my skin and for lessening the frequency of headaches.

Post once a week. Didn't do great but didn't do terrible. I think I averaged out at one post a week. I wante to be more regimented though, which means I have to write more and netflix less.

So for this month, I have some new goals! This month marks a full-year of being an adult with a "real" job. I even got my Disney one-year pin! Between this milestone and the holidays, there's a lot on my to-do list. So let's get to it!

Save $1000 for holiday spending. This should carry me through the holidays. There's a lot to do and a lot to buy this holiday season and I am so excited to celebrate the holidays here in New York now that I live in a space that has the capacity to deal with my decorating whims.

Take new inventory of my closet. Having done my spring/summer clean out, and now swapping to my cold-weather wardrobe, I want to clean out my fall/winter wardrobe. I want to get rid of dingy or worn out clothes and figure out the weak spots in my wardrobe. I also need to do my annual fall coat button-reinforcement (where I resecure all the buttons on my coats by hand). I may even begin de-underwiring my bras-- a tip I read on a minimalist fashion blog and tried out today for the first time. It's definitely a game changer in terms of comfort and durability. I also want to cycle out clothes that don't fit me right. As much as I intend to get healthier in such a way that my size will likely change, I cannot live present lies in the hopes of future truths.

Start investing money. Right now I save money, but I need to start investing it. I'm starting up with ElleVest. It's a site dedicated to helping women invest that takes into account the particular nature of women's investing needs rather than assuming they're the same as men's. Our our salary arcs are different, and we need more for retirement since we live longer. Things like that. You can customize it based on your goals and they give you financial advice to match. No minimum investment and a low fee.

Create and start my holiday to-do list. Is it stupid to have making a to-do list on what is essentially a to-do list? Probably. But I'm doing it anyway because my holiday to-do list is a doozy! I have so many tasks bouncing around my head and I really need to get them down, on paper.


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