15 Things To Get Ready for 2017

New year. New you. New evils on the horizon. New opportunities to seize. It's time to prepare for a new year!

1 - Cull your feeds. Go through your inboxes, your twitter, facebook, instagram, and figure out who you need to kick out. Mute, block, delete, unsubscribe, whatever you need to do. It's good to be challenged, to learn, and to encounter different points of view. It's not good to constantly put yourself in bad situations that will ultimately drain you more than up-level you. If there is some excess baggage in your life right now, this is a good time to get rid of it. This also means removing temptations from your life, whether it's deleting ex-partners or ex-friends who you check up on too often, or just unsubscribing to emails that make it a little too easy to blow your budget.

2 - Figure out what you're fighting for. Not to be all Hamilton about this-- wait, actually, yes. To be Hamilton about EVERYTHING tbh-- it's important to know what you stand for. "If you stand for nothing, Burr, what'll you fall for?" 2016 has been a bunch of awful things coming to a head, and in 2017 you've gotta be more clear than ever not just what you're standing for, but what is so worth fighting for that you'll survive your worst days? Write that shit down.

3 - Make a commitment to self-care. Don't let yourself burn out! You can't do any good for the world if you don't keep your spirit healthy. Carve out time to experience joy and take care of yourself. Sometimes it's hard work-- it's not all bubble baths. Sometimes it means forcing yourself to do laundry so you don't feel guilty and gross. Or cleaning your room even though it seems useless and hopeless so that you don't continue to live in a den of despair. Whatever it is! Me and my best friend made a video about self care after the election that you can check out if you want tips.

4 - Get organized. By being organized you eliminate a lot of stress in your life. Start working on a system that works for you and get your life in order. Get a planner, figure out how to meal plan, read about productivity systems. Get ready to be a better you!

5 - Refresh your closet. Get rid of stuff that doesn't fit and probably won't within the next few months. I like using ThredUp since they can give me some credit for anything they sell and I can have anything they can't sell responsibly recycled-- you can use my referral link to get $10 off your first purchase with them. Put stuff into storage as needed. Figure out what you need to make your wardrobe better for your lifestyle-- even if that means being a little further removed from your dream version of yourself.

6 - Have a good cry. I'm a really emotional person but even so, I sometimes have a hard time crying my deepest, realest cries. For me, I always feel better when I've cried a cry that needs crying. It's very Mean Girls "suck the poison out." The longer I bury a cry, the more I need it and I think I have spent a lot of time being sad this year but too busy to have a good long cry. I'm getting all of 2016's tears out before the new year so I don't start the year with baggage. My secret weapon in my endeavor to cry? Undercover Boss on Netflix.

7 - Clean your house. Do you really want to start the year with your house out of order?

8 - Pay off your debts-- to the absolute best of your ability. There are a lot of traditions that say that starting the year with debts, especially personal debts, is a bad idea. Some say that your debts will multiply, others say that your owing someone else in a new year will lead to you having unpaid debts (a karmic payback for not paying stuff back). Not all debts are immediately payable, and some are designed to be paid back over long periods of time, but if you owe a friend a twenty, or borrowed something that hasn't been returned, handle that business.

9 - Cancel sh*t. What are you cancelling this year? Drama with your parents? Getting too wasted on the weekends? A subscription artisanal tortilla chip service? That project you told yourself you were totally gonna do and never do and now it makes you super guilty? You might have signed up for a lot of stuff in 2016, and now is your chance to cancel. Remove yourself from certain situations. Tell yourself you're not going to fall back into drama-creating habits. It's cancelled.

10 - Make a physical representation of what you want out of this year. One of the things that has drawn out my interest in magic is the creation of physical items to help your brain solidify decisions, hopes, and ideas. Make something that represents what you want this year to be. Lots of people make vision boards, but you can also make a painting, a sculpture, or even a list that you hang on your mirror. When you make a thing it helps your brain commit to what it represents.

11 - Make some financial plans. I try to start with a savings goal, as well as account for any big expenses like vacations at the start of the year. Do you want to move or change careers? Do you have student loans to pay off? Or do you just generally want to start eating in more to save for something nice? At the beginning of the year is a nice chill time to think all of that over.

12 - Take a personal inventory on what you need to change about your lifestyle. I'm not trying to tell you you're living your life wrong, but maybe you could be doing things a little better. Personally, I think I need to start reading novels again to destress and also to get back to doing something I really loved. Most people focus on health and wealth in the New Year, but there are other things too like: are you spending enough time with friends? Are you connecting enough with family? Do you need to learn to do stuff alone like see movies or go to restaurants? What do you think you need to shake up in 2017?

13 - Organize your computer. You've been putting off doing some housekeeping on your computer, but now is the time to get things organized. Empty the trash, delete unnecessary files, make those folders. Clear your inbox. Get it all done!

14 - Write down a list of your 2016 accomplishments. This year hasn't been a complete garbage fire. You've probably done at least a couple cool things. Write them down. Treasure them. Even if it's mostly movie releases you loved.

15 - Think about service. How can you serve your community? How can you take a stand? Consider volunteering, or making room in your budget to donate to causes you care about more regularly. If you don't want the world to be a worse place in 2017, you've gotta commit to fighting for better.


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