A look back at 2016

2016 was a pretty challenging one on a global scale, but there's a lot of good that happened, too! Here's a list of some of the good things that happened in my life this year, in no particular order.

Met Liz, Mia, Nicole, and Dago IRL for the first time. These are some good buddies of mine, but I met them in person for the first time in 2016! All separately, except Nicole and Dago whom I met at the same time. We also all hung out together in Austin.

Went to Texas for the first time. Austin, as mentioned above. We shopped and ate great food and I was only a little bit allergic to the many cats I was among. Also I fell asleep on the stairs one day after staying up late making  Liz and Mia watch Dostana. This lead to probably the most iconic tweet of the year?

Got my first credit card. Maybe a little late at 22, but this was a big deal for me. I'm absolutely terrified of debt, so I was afraid to get a credit card for the longest time.

Moved in with Em, my best friend! We live in Brooklyn and she cooks some AMAZING food for us!

Saw Dear Evan Hansen. GUYS. Go see this. Absolutely amazing. Other entertainment faves: Moana, Zootopia (I saw it for the first time this year), Stranger Things, Black Mirror (esp. San Junipero), Lovesick.

Went to Disneyworld with Emily. Kind of spur of the moment with a splash of "let's get the heck outta reality for a sec." A great trip with my best pal that was very much needed.

Got new glasses from Warby Parker. I haven't had glasses in a long while and I LOVE these new frames.

Started organizing my life through Bullet Journaling. Thanks Mia for getting me into this. Still my fave thing!

Became a great snail mailer. Sending people letters and cards has always been a great comfort for me, but now I'm making more time for it. It's improved my mental health and my relationships!

Raised $500 for Sanctuary for Families with Papel New York! I did a fundraiser for one of my favorite non-profits in NYC and raised $500 with the help of Papel New York, an independent, woman-owned New York paper store in honor of Mother's Day!

Started investing. I'm just a simple jellybean trying to be a good, responsible, independent adult. I invest with Ellevest, a service designed to meet women's specific and unique financial needs.

What were your highlights from 2016?


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