life update 012

Bad at blogging but connecting with people in person a lot more is probably the theme of this life update. I've had a lot of high highs and a lot of hilariously low lows this month. And I didn't even do a goals post, but let's save that for when I figure out my goals for the new year.

I caught the heck up on mail. Last update I bemoaned falling behind on my usual mail activities. This month I caught up, largely due to my Holiday cards. I wrote a ton of them, and I have to say, the end product is everything I dreamed of. Recipients are instagramming and tweeting them and it makes my heart so happy. I tried to be a little more selective with my list of recipients this year since last year I was kind of overwhelmed. It turned out to be a good strategy.

Halls are decked. I have my own personal desk mini-tree and we set up our joint christmas tree the other weekend. I love absurdism and sentimentality so the holidays really hit a lot of good feel good notes for me.

I gave myself horrible bangs. Cue the Arrested Development montage. I've made a huge mistake, guys. I regularly trim my own bangs, and it's usually not a big deal, but I decided to try a new technique and I have a lot of regrets about it. I may have given myself a mullet. I guess I'm doing a lot of pinned back pomp looks for a while...

I saw LaLaLand. I'm going to try to post a review about it, but knowing how I've been off my content game lately, I'll give you the short version in case I don't make it. Music is great. Emma and Ryan aren't the strongest singers, but they're really trying to bridge that gap between real and surreal so they're sort of playing more average folks than pro singers here. Ryan's character Seb is probably every whiny guy you dated in your young adulthood who was super convinced he understood a thing better than most people. Very emotional, beautifully done, absolutely magical. A story for dreamers who are constantly struggling to stay dreaming. Watch dat.

I made holiday plans. For a long while all I knew was that I wasn't going to go back to Virginia. I finally made some plans involving IHOP, some friends, and winding down after hosting by seeing a movie with my roommate.

I finally caught up on faves videos. I did October and November in one video so now you know.

I'm struggling with the anxiety of what's to come in 2017. This feels like the most uncertain time I have experienced in years and I don't like it. Moreover, this is the most uncertain time I have experienced as an independent adult. I want to be hopeful, but I also don't want to minimize the grave situations I feel I am in. Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed and I'll admit that I have spent a lot of time over the weekend sleeping to avoid dealing with everything.


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