Weekly Update 002

This week has been all about catching up after being so sick! That's also why this weekly update is a day late. Already screwing up and it's only week 2. In case you missed last week, I'm doing these weekly updates now, so that you can see stuff going on in my life like adulting, or the weird things I think about that are interesting but probably do not warrant a separate post.  Anyway, here's this week's dose. 

I feel powerful paying off my credit card. When I pay off a substantial credit card balance (substantial to me is not substantial to most people though) I feel on top of the world. I have always been super wary of debt because I know how real it is for most people and thus far, I have managed to avoid any, thanks in large part to my parents, who invested in a 529 Plan to fund my education (if you've got kids in your life, I highly recommend looking into this). I was honestly terrified to open a credit card because I generally know that I enjoy spending money and that as an emotional person, I can be an emotional spender, and that can lead to debt and a lower credit score. Every time I pay off my balance, I literally feel as though I have stood before a demon and defeated them. I have laughed at the face of death! I have tempted fate and escaped debt's clutches again! I feel like this is such a lame thing to admit, because cooler people than me get their thrills from things like mountain climbing, or riding roller coasters, and I can do neither and instead schedule transfers to pay my credit card and feel invincible.

I may be forcing one of my coworkers to allow me to decorate and arrange his new apartment. I mean, I'd like to say I convinced him, which I think is true, but is far overshadowed by the fact that I am insisting. I honestly believe that I am capable of making most bachelor pads (read: barren and confusing living spaces) ten times better. The second he told me he realized he definitely needed stuff for his apartment and wasn't sure how to make it homey, I swooped in like a predator, insisting he let me take on his space. 

Work was stressful, but I've gotten back in the swing of things. While I was still working from home while I was sick last week, my team took mercy on me and tried to minimize the amount of projects I had to work on, because they are the best. My first week back involved a bit of catch up and a lot of getting back to full steam ahead! The long weekend ahead of us also put some extra pressure on this week so things were a little crazy this week, but we've done pretty darn good, I think.

I joined another dating site. I'm on one dating site and one app-only dating service at the moment. As someone who is really busy and does not enjoy engaging in conversations with strangers in the physical world (a lot harder to bail) I really enjoy dating services because honestly, there is no other way I would be able to meet and evaluate potential dates at the rate I do. As clear as I am on certain things I look for in someone I think I could get along with, I sometimes laugh at my criteria, because I know they make me sound like a crazy person. I mean, I think if anyone was really honest with themselves, they'd probably sound just as crazy-- after all it's not like we're looking for just ANYONE (probably? I don't know everyone's lifestyle). Maybe I'll post a list of the more silly sounding criteria. 

I hung out with my cousins. I don't see them a lot, especially the younger of the two sisters I was with, as she's based in Boston for school. We did hot pot and Hong Kong style ice cream and waffles! It was nice to catch up with them-- despite being close in age we all have very different interests and grew up largely separated by hundreds of miles, so making an effort is really important.

I sent letters to my grandparents. I try to do this every other month or more, since it means a lot to them. Being older and having sacrificed a lot to make a lot in this country, I think my grandparents on both sides just want to know they are thought about and respected by the people they suffered and sacrificed for. Since they don't know tons of English, especially on my mother's side, and I know very very little Korean, I really do my best to tell them what's going on in my life and that I hope they are well in terms that they can read and understand. So far, I have been able to do so, and they have expressed to me and my parents how proud they are that they understand my letters and that they appreciate that I took care to write them something they could read.

That's what's new with me. What's new with you?

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Weekly Update 001

Seeing as how this blog is often about adulting, I kinda started to miss telling you guys about my real-life updates. So every Thursday (or every other Thursday if things get busy) I'm going to give you little updates on what's going on in my life. What I'm watching or listening to, what kinds of things I did over the weekend-- all that goodness. 4-7 little tidbits about what I've done, what weird things I've been thinking about, and other such nonsense you might relate to. So here's this week's update.

We are moving to a new apartment! I've not talked that much about how much of a hellacious endeavor it was for me and my current three roommates to get our little two bedroom in Hell's Kitchen in depth, but rest assured, it was a special kind of hell. Not only were 3/4 of us un- or under-employed-- we were also fresh out of school and had no idea how the heck to do an apartment hunt. Bless Annie, our 4th housemate and savior. This year, I had a much better idea of what I was doing. My friend Emily and I recently found out we're approved for a place in Brooklyn! I am both excited and overwhelmed by the thought of moving again.

We went to DisneyWorld! We're getting an apartment together and we went to Disneyworld together! It was a little spur of the moment in that I only planned it a month or less out, but it turned out to be exactly what we both needed. Neither of us had been to Disneyworld since high school and I finally cashed in on my Disney Employee perks at the parks! You can see the trip video here, and next week there will be a haul video of all the goodies I bought.

I'm sick. Almost immediately after coming back from Disneyworld, I fell deeply ill. I'm currently fighting an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection, and pharyngitis. The weekend I had planned to spend getting stuff done (like laundry) went out the window and I've been instead trying to stay hydrated, fighting off fever and chills, and generally attempting to rest and remain in bed.  And that's honestly been the majority of my week.

I am so mad that CBS didn't renew Rush Hour. I have been fighting so hard for this show. Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 (Rush Hour 3 was terrible, frankly) were actually really important to me as a kid. I grew up an Asian American kid to immigrant parents and we were all trying to navigate identity. As an Asian American, you're not really considered a part of the "minority" identity due to "model minority" myths, and you're locked out of whiteness with very little history or solidarity with other oppressed peoples to stand upon, because in many cases it's been a game of distancing your people from the fact that you are people of color, lest you be treated worse. Rush Hour was so important to me not just in that it was a fun buddy cop movie, but because it brought an Asian guy and a Black guy together, fighting bad guys, kicking butt, and forging friendship through navigating a fish-out-of-water situation. The new Rush Hour TV show had a lot of that in it, while doing so much more. It gave Lee sex appeal (in the eyes of non-Asians even!) which is very rarely afford to Asian male leads. It gave Dede an expanded role and Carter more heart than he had in the films. This show was so genuinely funny, too. I am so mad CBS didn't renew it and I hope someone picks it up. Please go watch this show, available for free on cbs.com. Also please tweet about it.

I'm making a list of stuff I gotta figure out before I move. There is so much to figure out. I gotta make accounts with service providers. I gotta get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need. I gotta pack everything. I need to figure out which stuff I need to get-- this is no small amount of stuff since I'm going from an apartment with 4 people's stuff into an apartment with only 2 people's stuff.

I paid for a flight using credit card miles! Okay, I didn't pay for the whole flight using miles, but I did pay for like 2/3 of it. The idea of having "miles" and being able to travel with them has always seemed like such an adult-y thing so I kind of feel like I hit a milestone.

That's it for me. What's new with you?

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So I'm currently fighting 3 different ENT afflictions right now. I guess I'm basically like a baby or something and got an ear infection (and pharyngitis, and an upper respiratory infection?) on the plane.

There will be a haul video and post coming soon, so stay tuned. Sorry I'm like, low key dying right now. Hopefully things will pick back up here soon!

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Sephora Haul

Oh lord, y'all. Between Mother's Day, two birthdays, and just stuff I wanted real bad, I dropped some serious cash this past month at Sephora. Honestly, thank goodness I finally opened a VIB account with them for these purchases. For the past... ever... I've been dialing in my sister's number so that she could get points off my purchases since she loves make up so much. (Sorry, Squish, I gotta take care of me now.)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you what I got, why I got it, and in some cases, how I'm liking the products!

Disney Minnie Beauty: Minnie's Inner Glow Luminizing Blush. I got this for Lisa from Lady Code. It's her birthday this week and she's a big Disney lover, so I grabbed this for her. It's a coral-y color, good for the summer, and is mostly a luminizer with gold glow!

Disney Minnie Beauty: Minnie-ature Cream Lip Stain Set. It's no secret that I love a good bold lip. I saw this set at Sephora and was intrigued by the colors, the fact that it was a stain set (since I've been eyeing lip stains more seriously recently) and of course, the Disney of it all. I'm really happy with this-- check out my first impressions video about it!

MILK Lip + Cheek. I'm running out of my drugstore stick blush and they are discontinuing it, so I needed to get my hands on a new one. I had heard a lot of chatter about this brand and decided this was the perfect time to try it out! This is the Milk Lip + Cheek stick, which you can use on either your lips or your cheeks-- it's got a dewy finish and I like it a lot! I'm using the color Rally, which is a Mauve color that really works to balance out the yellow tones in my face.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Tried this out for the first time a few months ago and loved it. This was my first setting spray but I really loved the amount of hold it had. Repurchase!

Sephora Masks. My mother loves a good skin care product, so I sent here these in addition to some other goodies for Mother's Day. If you have a loved one who lives far away, I really recommend finding little things to send them that can be sent in a flat bubble envelope. Flat items are much cheaper to ship than boxes, which means you can put more money toward the gifts you send that might have other wise gone into shipping costs.

Urban Decay Lipsticks. Urban Decay is apparently liquidating their Lipsticks at Sephora which may mean new formulations. They are now running for less than the price of a Sephora Collection lipstick and you should get your faves while you can. I'd never indulged in these lipsticks before, but I am loving them now that I have them at half price!

Tokyomilk Dark Perfumes. I bought some fragrances by Tokyomilk, which I had mentioned in my wishlist. One was for me, and one was for my friend Julia, of The Gothic Library, who is also celebrating a birthday! I bought myself Tainted Love, and Bulletproof for Julia. It seemed like a great gift for a sophisticated goth lady like herself.

Marc Jacobs Mini Lipstick and Eyeliner Duo. This was my gift from Sephora for my birth month! I have a weird relationship with Marc Jacobs in that I think he has really high quality products while also thinking he's kind of a massive creep. Some designers seek to elevate and celebrate women with their work and Marc Jacobs often objectifies and sexualizes really young-looking, nearly-dead-looking women in a way that just kinda creeps me out. It's not an opinion everyone will agree with, but I think being creeped out by something is a really subjective, gut-level thing so I'm okay with that. Anyway, normally I think I'd be really conflicted about purchasing his products (the price not withstanding) but since this was a freebie, and the other option was yet another mask when I'm trying to use my current ones up, I decided I'd go for it. I haven't tried either product in this mini duo yet though.

Anyway, that's the sum of my haul! Don't forget to watch my latest video where I try out the Minnie Mouse Lipstains.

Also, I'm at DISNEYWORLD right now, so follow along with me on Snapchat @ Honeyfinches, Instagram @harperyi, and Twitter @harperyi!

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May Wishlist

Ban.do 2017 PlannerI just ordered the new Ban.do large planner in blonde marble for work! It starts in August, and my current work planner ends in June, so July is probably gonna be rough, but I'm still very excited to have my first Ban.do planner. I've been wanting something larger and more hefty for a while since my current work planner only allows enough space for due dates and major events, rather than more detailed breakdowns of work.

Tokyomilk Dark, Tainted Love No. 62 from the Femme Fatale Collection. Liz from Fake Goth Girls introduced me to this and now I can't stop thinking about it. The goth as hell packaging. The name inspired by one of my favorite songs. The Vanilla, Orchid, and Sandalwood notes. I'm feeling it for when I want to feel and smell like a powerful, sophisticated, goal assassin. #slay

Candy Ass by Hiya Tootsie. Am I just in a perfumey mood? Probably. Heather from Hiya Tootsie makes this perfume that smells like chocolate, peppermint, and cupcakes and considering that being a candy witch is one of my top aesthetic/identity goals, I'm feeling like I definitely need this. I'll probably wait on ordering till after I move though-- I'm trying to minimize the amount of fragile things I need to relocate to wherever I end up.

Cinderella (1997). This Cinderella was deeply formative for me. We still have it on VHS at my parents house but I need a copy I could watch myself. As a little Asian American girl of immigrant parents, there is not enough room in this little blurb to explain how much this meant to me. Growing up hearing my grandparents and parents often refer to white people as "Americans" (which they don't anymore) made me feel like I wasn't American, but I hardly felt Asian, not knowing my parent's mother tongue, never having been to the country and feeling little connection to it. What does it mean to be an Asian American when I felt neither truly Asian nor American? This was the film that, through its race-blind casting, showed me that I could succeed outside of the lines I felt had been drawn for me. It was the first time I had seen an Asian actor playing a leading role that had nothing to do with being from Asia, or knowing martial arts, and succeeding in it. I could succeed in contexts outside of just "Asian roles" that I felt I neither desirous of, nor qualified for. On top of that, the Whitney-fication of the music, and the sets and costumes were everything to me. It's finally back in stock and I'm going to get mine!

Monster High Venus McFlytrap Chase Vinyl Figure. Still on the hunt for this little babe-- and I have been for over a year now. Supposedly they are available in Target stores for $10 but she is highly elusive, and I am considering just snagging her after I move and get my finances in a more stable place. Gosh I can't wait to have my own space to fill with all kinds of ridiculous things that bring me joy.

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