Looking Forward at 2017 - Mantra and Goals

The Mantra

2016 was rough and honestly, there were some moments where I would get so debilitatingly sad or angry about how things were going that I'd either feel hopeless or like I should do something stupid in a feeble attempt to feign control over things. But luckily Moana came and saved the day for me, emotionally. This song, which admittedly is a bit spoiler-y if, for some reason, you haven't seen the movie, is what keeps me going in my lowest moments. The film was very much about discovering and honoring who you are-- because the best thing you can be to this world is yourself. No matter how you are hurt, you have to remember who you are and live that. So my phrase/mantra for the year is this:

You know who you are.

Major Goals

While I've done a great job with some of my 2016 goals like getting organized and saving money, I haven't done a great job with others-- most notably getting back on track with Spanish and voluntEARing as many hours as I hoped. This year I'm hoping to set some more manageable goals with concrete progress markers, or that are more reasonable for me to accomplish even if my situation changes. While I think I set a lot of great goals, I don't think I necessarily created good systems to follow through with them. This year I'm hoping I've set better, more manageable goals for my self improvement!

  • I want to be really good at my job. I think I am doing pretty good on this so far, but the nature of my job changes regularly, so I want to continue to be good and do even better at my work. 
  • I want to handle delicate situations better. Especially being pretty young, I don't think I'm as seasoned at handling delicate situations at work as I hope to be. I'm pretty good at handling difficult stuff outside the work environment because I have more experience outside a professional environment than in it.  For all my strengths I think this is going to come with time and reflecting on situations after the fact. 
  • I want to double my wins. I've just completed my first year of being a real, non-intern, professional. I have learned so much along the way and I have the privilege of working with awesome people. I hope I can take all those wins from the past year and use it to double my wins next year.
Mental Health
  • Arrange flowers once a month. Floral arrangement is one of the most calming activities in the world to me. It's a reminder that chaos is both natural and beautiful. As someone with panic disorder it's incredibly healing to work with your hands and just accept that flowers are beautiful and imperfect. Arrangements are least pleasing when they are the most symmetrical. I hope to buy and arrange flowers for myself once a month.
  • Finish a book every other month. I think I'm spending too much time with videos, and I really want to get back to reading novels. I love reading but I think I've been forcing myself to do it in bite-sized increments too much. I want to read more books, and also this will significantly cut down on the amount of guilt piling up on my book shelf...
  • Sing more. I don't currently have a plan for this. I think maybe I'll take singing in the shower back up-- it's taken a back seat since I started listening to podcasts in the shower. (Is it weird that I do that?)
  • Draw stuff every week. I dither back and forth on whether I want to be good at drawing, but I definitely think I want to do it more, regardless of improvement. 
  • Keep up with blogging and youtubing. I think I want to put up at least 2 pieces a month on each my blog and my youtube. 
  • Start new video project. I have a video project in the works that a friend and I are thinking of starting this year. It's under wraps for now, but I'm excited for it!
  • Start project with my cousin. I have an upcoming project with my cousin that we are hoping to get off the ground in 2017. We have a lot more planning to do, but I am so looking forward to collaborating with her on something.
  • Successfully save enough for my upcoming trip to Disneyworld. I'm going on a trip to Disneyworld with some friends in May and I definitely need to make sure I've saved up enough for that. 
  • Put a couple thousand into investments by the end of the year. God, this is such an adult sentence. I hope I put a bunch of money away in some good investments this year. 
  • Plan and save a decent amount for a big trip in 2018 for my 25th birthday. I'm hoping to go on a big trip for my 25th birthday. I rarely travel and I basically never go out of the country so I'm hoping to really do something big. 
  • Take vitamins more regularly. They definitely help me and I've gotten pretty lazy about taking them-- I need to be more diligent about taking all my vitamins. 
  • Pack more lunches. Not only will this save me a lot of money, but it'll also make me healthier. I definitely eat better when I prepare my own food just because I feel a lot more guilty about not having a balanced meal when I prepare it-- whereas I feel guilty about not finishing a convenient and sometimes unhealthy meal that I have paid for. 
  • Find more ways to be active. I am going to the gym less regularly than I used to because it's less convenient and to be honest, more scary than it was in my old neighborhood. I like a cemetery more than your average person but walking by one at night, alone, on mostly deserted streets is terrifying, and that's the only way to get to my gym. I want to make more time for the gym, but I also want to make time/space in my life to be active in other ways. I think there's going to be a lot more at-home solo dance parties in 2017.

What are your goals or visions for 2017?


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