Life Update 013

So, it's been a while. I have been really slacking on my blogging game, and my content creation game in general these days. But I've been up to a lot so hopefully it will totally make sense why I have been super sluggish these days. I hope that the content I put out for you guys is still entertaining and thoughtful, if a little less frequent. I've been getting some good feedback on my last post about why I think unpaid internships are wrong so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Anyway, life updates.

My cousin moved in. She's makin' moves and one of them is in with me and my other roommate. We combined our living room and dining room into one common area, and now my cousin lives in our former living room. It's technically a bedroom anyway, so I guess it's really just being used for its intended purpose. I'm really glad to have her because not only is she generally a ton of fun, but I think this city is going to give her more of the kinds of opportunities she wants.

I've been sleeping in more than usual on the weekends. It's colder than ever and more often than usual I'm just sleeping in and napping. Part of it might also be the torrent of heartbreaking news I'm getting these days on social media and just not wanting to deal with it. I'm going to try to shift away from sleeping through hours and toward reading through them-- with books rather than feeds.

Speaking of books, I read milk and honey. I really enjoyed it. I love poetry and I appreciated the journey this took me on. Being made up of short poems, I think it was a good transition into making time to read again. I highly recommend for poetry lovers out there.

I'm getting out more. I'm trying really hard to really connect with more people these days. Being someone who loves people but hates getting out, I've really built strong circles of convenience and digital access with close friends, but I have a hard time meeting new people, or even hanging out with people I care about who are a little less convenient to meet up with. I'm trying to grab more lunches, accept more invitations, and generally be outside my house more.

I have been treating myself too much. In the midst of unprecedented not-good societal conditions in my lifetime, I require more self-care than before. Unfortunately, due to my generally outrageous personality this means I have been a little too spendy. My fatalistic sense of humor is compounding this with thoughts like "what's a little money when the president is anti-science?" (Can I blame Mia 'what's a little debt when we don't even know if any of this is real?' Moore for this new thought process?) It also kinda goes hand-in-hand with my being out more... I spend less money when I am off the streets.

Hidden Figures gave me life. Give it all the awards. Go see it if you haven't yet already! Honestly I'm trying to watch more movies about POC fighting the odds and achieving greatness. We also watched Spare Parts on Amazon Instant Video (free with Prime, y'all!) and I loved it! That one is about 4 undocumented high school students who enter a robotics competition despite having the cards stacked against them. It was fantastic and is also based on a true story.

I found a new lunch spot. I'm always happy for a new and delicious lunch spot I can walk to from work. Even better, it's a Japanese street food joint. Nothing better than a cabbage and shrimp pancake!

I'm hoping to pick up my blogging pace a bit, but bear with me. With all the change happening around us, I think we're all re-examining and redefining our relationships to the things we hold dear and the ways we use our most limited resource: time. I still love this blog and all the people who read, but it's definitely not the good old days when I put out like 8 posts per month.


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