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Okay, so I've really been neglecting goal posts, but they are pretty important to helping me focus on stuff each month, and Nicole has a really cute round up of them that I miss participating in. So I'm getting back on this (and worrying less about the blog image for them which was making me weirdly anxious). 

I didn't give myself goals last month, but moving forward I'll start with how the last month's goals went. For now, I'm jumping straight into goals for this month!

Get on To-Doist. So, I love my paper planners, but they are honestly better for conceptualizing outings and major tasks each day than they are my everyday functioning. After listening to Fake Goth Girls talk about their love of Todoist, I'm sold. 

Finish a book-- maybe even two! I'm in the middle of one book right now, and while I do want to aim for finishing 1 book every two months at least, I've also decided that I want to alternate fiction and self-improvement-y types of books. I'm hoping to finally finish the book I've been stalled out on for the past couple weeks and start a business-oriented book!

Start Meal Planning again. Another better use for my paper planner, I think this will help me stay healthier and make me better about grocery shopping. 

Go to the gym twice a week. I'm really trying to push myself to be more active as the weather gets less grim. Maybe I'll skip the gym if I can get in an hour long walk or something, but I need to stop planning weekends around food and netflix...

Blog more, get more videos up. I've shot several videos that I haven't edited... that needs to change. I'm hoping to get 2 more blog posts and 2 more videos up this month. 

What are your goals for this month?


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