Harper Honey is a lifestyle blog about living boldly, learning to take care of yourself, and the things that make life worth living. For me that means good entertainment, pink things, and writing letters to friends. You'll find reviews of things I've watched, travel posts, and more. I'm gearing back up to get back into the swing of things so please bear with me as I adjust to my rad new job!

I'm a Brooklyn-based DC-Area native who works in entertainment and advertising. I'm an intersectional feminist, an Aries, and a Slytherin. I like sleeping in on the weekends, wearing too much highlighter, and buying cute office supplies. I'm most active on twitter where you can find me at @harperyi.

You can reach me by email at harper@harperhoney.com or send me snail mail by PO Box!

Samantha Harper Yi
PO Box 260400
Brooklyn, NY 11226 

The illustration you see of me throughout my materials was done by the amazing KnightJJ! Check out theartofknightjj.tumblr.com and JJ's webcomics on Tapastic! Get your hands on some KnightJJ merch on society6!