Hello there! 

My name is Harper and I'm a 20-something blogger from DC living in New York. I'm a lover of entertainment media-- cartoons, movies, and musicals-- and office supplies. I am an intersectional feminist and an Aries. I like Monster High dolls and A-line skirts. I believe in the healing power of orange soda, the gospel of love that is Juno, and the importance of externalizing feelings. 

I graduated from The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with a degree in Psychology with a minor in Marketing. I took time to study popular and material culture as well as gender and social justice issues along side my studies in Marketing and Psychology.

The illustration you see of me throughout my materials was done by the amazing KnightJJ! Check out theartofknightjj.tumblr.com and JJ's webcomics on Tapastic! Get your hands on some KnightJJ merch on society6!