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Want to sponsor me? I'm happy to have you! Sponsoring my blog helps me do what I do and provide quality content for Harper Honey from essays to wishlists and reviews!

Want to work with me on a sponsored post, review, giveaway, or something else entirely? 
Read on about collaborating and email me at harper@harperhoney.com if you want to discuss.


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I'd love to collaborate with you on your ad, as well as any other ideas you might have including having me do a review, giveaway, or just creating graphics for your site. Feel free to contact me at harper@harperhoney.com


  • Sponsored Product Review. Let me try your product out and I'll tell my readers all about the experience! Check out my review of Whish Shaving Products.
  • Sponsored Post. Work with me to create engaging, authentic content about your brand. Check out this Father's Day post I did with T.J. Maxx!
  • Free Movie/Musical/Book Review. Send me a copy of your book, comic book, film, or tickets to your film or musical and I will watch/read it and review it. I love reviewing works so please send them my way. All reviews are honest. Check out my reviews of The Brass Teapot (film), Lost in Translation (book), Fly By Night (musical)
  • Giveaway. Promote your business by running a giveaway through Harper Honey! Each giveaway lasts 2 weeks, and includes vigorous social media promotion. Each giveaway will drive traffic to your site and follows on up to three of your social media profiles. Check out my previous giveaways
  • Outfit posts. Want your clothing or accessories featured on my blog, instagram, twitter, and pinterest? Work with me on an outfit post by sending me an item to wear, and I will include at least one full paragraph on your shop with a link to your site. Like everything else, I only accept stuff that fits my blog. Here's a post I did with eShakti.
  • Sponsored Wishlist. Want me to pick 4-6 of my favorite products from your store and post them on my site? Work with me on a sponsored wishlists and I'll write about your store and some of my favorite pieces from it, along with direct links to your site, your social media, and all the product listings for the items listed. Check out this wishlist I did with Macy's.
If you have any other ideas on how you'd like to work with me let me know!



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