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Welcome, new friend! This is Harper Honey, a lifestyle blog tinted with bright colors, movies, intersectional feminism, musical numbers, magic, planners, and fun. My name is Harper (surprise, surprise!) and I am a plucky 20-something who enjoys things like cartoons, musicals, office supplies, orange soda, and daydreaming about Disney. I blog here and make videos on the Harper Honey Youtube. My day-job is also my long-time dream-- working for Disney, specializing in digital entertainment. You can read more about me on my about page.

I serve millennial women who are a little off-beat. I create content that helps them find way to express themselves as they are and live their lives on their own terms— or at the very least, make their week a little better. We want to be bold, and there is so much of ourselves to explore and express. It can be intimidating, but oh-so thrilling!

Here are some of my favorite and most popular posts to help you get a taste of what I'm all about.

I'm Organized

Self Love

I'm Geeky


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