This is the astrologer I am trying to live by-- boy, is she on her game!

Speaking of astrology, dive deeper  and take a look at your natal chart. (You'll need to know your place and time of birth.)

Limetown is coming back next year (FINALLY)! If you haven't listened to the riveting six-part first season, you absolutely must. Great road trip listening for those traveling this season.

Lots of work to be done recognizing POC and WOC in the Golden Globes.

My new planner is exactly what I need for 2018.

Back this zine-style anthology of love stories by muslim women put together by my amazing friend, Hadeel!

The Greatest Showmanis almost here, and it's going to be my whole life, exactly the way Moulin Rouge was once-- listen to the soundtrack and get destroyed with me.

This Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette is winter me in color form. There's a cool tone palette as well!

I daydream about these luggages a lot these days.


Harper Yi