If you are an absolute dork like me, you might enjoy this game that teaches you about why malls are disappearing all over America. (Why am I like this??)

One of my favorite bands, The Wombats, released their new albumand I love it. Favorite tracks at the moment are Turn and Dip You in Honey.

Speaking of music, Janelle Monae's "Make Me Feel" is everything. As she says about the song and her sexuality for The Guardian, "You don't own or control me."

This profile of Donald Glover is super fascinating.

Every year I go to the Philadelphia Flower Show! I totally recommend it as a lovely little day trip.

I love this interview with fashion designer Christian Siriano, who among many other successes is a vocal supporter of fashion for all shapes and sizes.

Julia at The Gothic Library posted a really lovely round up of Black American authors who've contributed to Gothic Literature. Like many western literary forms, most people tend to think of white (often male and European) auteurs when thinking about gothic literature and in classic well-researched Julia-style (not to be confused with Julia Stiles) The Gothic Library brings to light some of the amazing Black American contributors to gothic literature!

Black Panther is absolutely incredible and you need to see it. The movie is doing so well that Disney is donating money to the Boy & Girls Club of America to open a STEM center in Compton!

This video of a father getting followed around by a confetti cannon is the funniest thing I've seen all week. (Swearing audio so opt for headphones if necessary.)

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