Best Purchases / Worst Purchases / Freebie Fun


As I enter the back half of my twenties I'm trying to really prioritize working on my relationship with money, and that means interrogating my purchases to learn about what does and doesn't feel worth the money later. Making strong choices is also about breaking and interrogating patterns that aren't working-- and that can require a bit of extra work and introspection that can get lost in every other daily concern. I'm laying out my favorite and least favorite things I spent money on, and then throwing in something great I got or did for free that was awesome. I think this will be a super fun exercise for me to start doing since it will give me a space to really think about what I spend my money on. 

Best Purchases

Herschel Survey Backpack in Windsor Wine My last commuter backpack finally kicked it at the tail end of February and I needed a new one. Living in New York means I don't have a car I take to get places-- which also means I've lost a lot of cargo room when it comes to having a place to stash things like an umbrella, sunglasses, groceries, etc. when I'm out and about. Having a backpack is essential in New York since you've got to be able to carry many things at once if you head to work then run errands after, or are expected to carry your laptop from place to place. This backpack is perfect from its size which is very capacious while till being relatively compact (a bonus when you are juggling multiple bags on a crowded subway) to its color which is this lovely burgundy-- just bold and colorful enough for my taste, while also being almost neutral in its ability to match with many colors. It's lightweight unlike many leather-like backpacks, and looks rather grown-up as opposed to the styles that made me feel like I looked like a college student. I feel comfortable using it as an everyday bag and it's nice enough that I can bring it to a business meeting and look professional.

Membership in She Runs It. She Runs It (formerly known as Advertising Women of New York) is a great professional organization centering women in marketing, advertising, and media. My friends in the industry have been bugging me to join for ages and I finally did it. I'm very very new, but already I'm getting involved with the events they run and am meeting new people-- which is something that is generally pretty hard for me to do. I want to be stronger at networking, which is both exhilarating and exhausting. I have a hard time remembering faces and names and I generally have a limited amount of social skills that I work hard to compensate for. In general, I prefer to socialize in a goal-directed way when dealing with a large volume of people I don't know. Joining an organization like She Runs It gives me access to other women who have similar professional interests to mine that I would have had a much harder time meeting before. I've gotten involved with volunteering at events with them and that's given me outlets to meet more people and work with them. I'm also learning a ton about the industry and women's experiences within it. If you're looking for a new way to network or met people, see if there are any good professional organizations in your area!

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Moist Cream. This is such a great moisturizer for the summer. It's a water-type cream so it's very hydrating without feeling too thick on your skin in the hot months. I definitely will only use water-type moisturizers in the warm/humid months from here on out.

Worst Purchases 

Certain orders on Seamless. I love Seamless in terms of convenience, but getting something from Seamless can be hit or miss. For those unfamiliar, Seamless is a food delivery service (owned by GrubHub). Some places aren't great to begin with, and others have a few great menu items and a lot of mediocre to terrible ones. The area I live in is not a particularly great one in terms of abundance of restaurants, so this isn't really Seamless' fault. But when I add up the delivery fees, the order minimums, and the tip, it all adds up quickly. Now that it's getting warmer out, I think it will be less appealing to stay inside and have something delivered when I can go out and grab something myself if I don't feel up for cooking.

Free Fun

Library + Park. I had a lovely park day with my cousin on the first warm weekend we got here in New York. We hiked over to the Brooklyn Public Library and borrowed some great books on finance, job hunting, and careers. We also grabbed some food at the Farmer's Market which was not free, but is not central to this experience. We had brought some snacks from home, too. After picking up our books and out snacks, we headed back to the park and had a lovely little picnic. We sat for hours eating bread and cheese and reading our books on a blanket before walking home. It was a really great day and mostly free.

Cartoon Network Match Land. I'm having the most fun with this free game. It combines a match-3 game with battle card mechanics and inventory management fun. You can get additional lives by watching ads, and buy in-game coins / gems with real money if you want but otherwise it's totally free.

What are your latest Best Purchases / Worst Purchases & Free Fun?