Brief Post-Election Thoughts 2018


Some great things happened this election. Some less great things happened. But always, always, always, I am eager to vote.

The work doesn’t begin or end at voting though. We have to push to end voter suppression, end gerrymandering, make voting more accessible, re-enfranchise marginalized populations, end the carceral system that targets, disenfranchises, and impoverishes Black and brown people. We have to stay informed about the things going on in our communities and be aware of local politics. We have to volunteer to help reformers and progressives. We have to contribute directly to the most vulnerable populations. We have to serve on juries. We have to have hard conversations.

Our civic duty is about service to others in our community, especially with an eye to the underserved and marginalized. Serve with compassion. Serve with resolve.

The work doesn’t end. Keep the energy. Press forward. Do the work. Thank u, next.

doing goodS Harper Yicivic