GIFT GUIDE: Secret Santas

We’ve all been there. Your office has a holiday event of some sort. Your friend invites you to a Christmas party where you don’t actually know everyone. Maybe it’s Secret Santa. Maybe it’s White Elephant. Either way, you’ve gotta find a gift that would work for most anyone for around $25.

I’ve pulled together some ideas for gifts that could work for just about anyone to save you the trouble.

Gift Guides.002.jpeg
  1. Daily Rituals collected by Mason Curry. This book is a collection of daily rituals from creatives and scientists. Exploring the mind of the people who fill the world with new art and ideas provides easy inspiration and tactical ideas for kickstarting one’s own daily rituals for peace, productivity, and creativity. Its format means even those who aren’t “big readers” can still enjoy it in bite-sized increments.

  2. Table Topics - Most people would love to host better parties and dinners with lively discussions. Table Topics is a deck of cards with fantastic conversation starters. A great gift for anyone who wants to connect to people better— which on some level, is almost everyone, right? There are a few different genres of Table Topics so you’ve got options!

  3. Monstera Leaf Bottle Opener. A cute kitchen accessory that will makes a statement. Even teetotallers like myself will appreciate a nice bottle opener for the occasional glass bottled soda or lemonade. (My own home bottle opener is a can opener, and lord knows I could do with something nicer for parties.)

  4. Sade Christmas & New Year’s Banner. Featuring lyrics from Sade’s Sweetest Taboo, this banner is a great little piece of wintertime decor. It’s got such a retro vibe and is festive and seasonal without being cheesy.

  5. Travel cord roll. Save someone from a mess of cords— a universal problem. Could be used during travel or even every day for heavy tech users on the go.

  6. Satsuma Set from The Body Shop. Okay, I know bath products are a pretty common staple of the “I don’t know you well enough to buy a more meaningful gift” solution set, but if you’re heading in that direction anyway, The Body Shop is a great option. They actively fight against animal testing, all their products are vegetarian.

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