Refreshing Harper Honey


Hello, world!

You may notice that things look a bit different now. We've just moved from Blogger to Squarespace-- something I've wanted to do for a very long time, but knew would be an undertaking. Blogger is very outdated these days, and doesn't have anywhere near the functionality that Squarespace does, and I hope to really expand this blog someday, so having everything moved over to Squarespace has really paved the way for me to do that. 

While the work was tedious and at times overwhelming, it was worth it! You'll notice some changes around here, and I wanted to let you all know about them. 

Looking back

We're leaving some stuff behind from the old site. Here's what you can expect to not expect anymore.

  • Lots of old content has been deleted. I kept the greatest hits, but I wanted to be really intentional with what I kept up here. Content that I felt this site had really outgrown has been taken off. Some of my highest traffic pages had to do with college, but I ended up deleting them despite the fact that they bumped my numbers up a lot. People who visited those pages weren't sticking around, and they became huge targets for spam. Ultimately I let a lot of things go. 

  • Comments might have died in the transfer. Disqus should still have a record of any comments you left in the past, but they may or may not display here on the actual site. Any comments you post going forward will work and display here just fine!

  • AdSense ads are gone. I had a few Google AdSense ads running on the site and I've since gotten rid of them. I'm not a huge fan of ads that don't contextually make sense. This site will continue to use affiliate links and may start working towards sponsorships again in the future, but I want any monetization efforts to be better integrated into the site moving forward.

Coming up

  • You may need to refresh or refollow my blog since the transfer. If you follow me via Feedly (my fave blogroll) do so here.

  • Get me in your inbox. I've started a newsletter you can join for a once-or-twice-monthly update. Emails will give you a round up of my latest posts (which is convenient for those of you who don't use things like Feedly or Bloglovin) as well as other little tidbits of things you might find interesting or inspiring. I'm excited to find a new sort of extension of my voice in newsletter format.

  • More content on the way. I've tried to put blogging on the back burner while dealing with big life changes like my move, but now that my house is settled, I'm coming to realize that I need to be blogging and making content again. It's good for my mental health and even though it takes time out of my day, it's really helping me get and stay productive, rather than spending the same amount of time doing something more passive, like watching movies on Netflix.

  • You can now support Harper Honey directly. A Patreon-based set-up didn't seem to make a lot of sense for me given the kind and amount of stuff I put out in the world. It seemed a little too formal, and I have less-formal goals for Harper Honey and my presence online in general. Rather than a subscription-focused model, I wanted to set up something like a tip jar. I've finally done that with Ko-Fi, an online tip jar that basically allows people to symbolically "buy someone a coffee." If you feel like you loved a post or just generally want to throw a little supportive gesture my way, you can do so for the price of a coffee ($3) on my Ko-Fi page.

Looking foward

You might be wondering what my plans are going into the future. I alluded to wanting to so more stuff on here that made moving to Squarespace so much more enticing. I'm not sure if I'll get to do everything I am thinking about down the line, but I like having the option! Here's some stuff that I am considering getting into.

  • Selling zines. I have been really missing making small batches of zines. I used to make zines in high school and I want to get back to that. I'd love to sell small batches of them once I get back into making them. I'd also potentially like to sell art pieces I make. Who knows!
  • Hosting events. I hosted an event once that was pretty successful! It was a fundraiser I did in partnership with a local paper shop. If I ever get into doing more of that kind of thing, it'd be nice to have more functionality for building pages about those things.
  • Podcasting. My roommate and I have wanted to start a podcast for over a year now, and we just haven't financially been in a place where we could make it happen. Hopefully we'll get there, and when we do, it'd be nice to have some method of integrating that into my site. Perhaps we'd have to build a new site for that entirely-- but even then, having all my sites hosted with Squarespace would be a huge benefit.

There may still be a few technical issues to work through, but once we move forward through to 100% born and bred Squarespace content, the issues should be less of an issue. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting, and I hope you enjoy what's ahead!

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