6 Apps that Help Me Keep My Life Together

If you are like me, your phone is a reliable, constant companion. It's such a great tool for helping you stay on top of your life. I generally love all kinds of methods of staying on top of your life, since they help foster productivity and a sense of ease-- the kind that you get from getting stuff done. I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps that help me keep my head together and talk a bit about how I use them. 


Evernote. I don't use this daily, but whenever I'm executing something complicated, Evernote is the best tool. I use ever note when I take on a big project, like moving, or just have a lot of info to keep organized, like when I travel. Evernote is a searchable, taggable, note-taking and list making app with image, link, and formatting capabilities. It's great for long lists, itineraries, storing or mapping out potential attractions to visit. They have a free version that meets most people's basic needs, but if you really want to store a ton in there, they have a subscription-based premium plan.

Todoist. Todoist is a great tool for work tasks. Some people like to keep both their home and work tasks on the same apps / accounts, but I prefer not to since I tend to be the type to check on work tasks even when I'm out of the office, and I need to reinforce some work / life separation. It allows you to create to-do items with notes, alarms/reminders, and due dates, with the additional capability of sorting things with tags and projects. You could also, of course, very easily use it for home. Todoist also has a free and a premium plan.

Health & Self-Care

Aloe Bud. Checking in on your phone is easy-- checking in on yourself is hard. That's why Amber Discko created an app that is cute and soft that reminds you to check in on yourself. The pixel art is so cute, the colors are soothing, and the language is soft and non-judgmental. It isn't a tool that tells you what you "should" be doing, or pushes you to "optimize." It literally just is a space for you to check in with yourself-- when's the last time you fueled up? or showered? took your medicine? slept properly? It also sends you push notifications at times you specify, gently reminding you to take care of yourself, or to remember things that depression etc. can make easy to forget. Aloe Bud is free with a $5 one-time purchase add on for some additional customizability.

MoodKit. This $5 app basically helps you with guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). If you find that you have some disordered patterns of thinking, (ex. intrusive thoughts, spiraling when things go wrong, blowing things out of proportion) this app walks you through defining the situation, analyzing your reaction, and coming up with alternative patterns of thought that might be less reflexive for you, but ultimately healthier. It also offers ideas for great activities and exercises (physical or otherwise) you can do to improve your mood, and has a journal and mood tracker. There is also options for additional security in case you are worried about anyone looking through your phone.

MyFitnessPal. This is definitely an app you should research heavily if fitness/diet culture is triggering to you. As someone who isn't triggered by those things, My Fitness Pal has really helped me in my efforts to try to connect better with my body and have an awareness of how I treat it. It has a lot of features, and you can use it however works best for you. I don't really believe in calorie-counting as a practice, but I am interested in having a better understanding of food as fuel rather than comfort since having almost no understanding of food as fuel is not healthy for me. This app does help you set goals which is good if you need that, and also allows you to track "progress"-- which does not have to be determined by weight. You can also aim for things like certain amounts of exercise or nutrients. It has both a free version and additional premium features.


Daily Budget. There are tons of budget apps out there, but this one is great because it gives you a daily budget that you can either accumulate by rolling over, or watch yourself have to make up as days pass. Sometimes even a weekly budget feels hard to mentally keep track of or conceptualize on a day-to-day level.

What are your favorite apps for helping you keep your life together?