Voter Participation Tools You'll Love


I get why some people who can vote don’t. That said personally, I believe that waiting for a perfect / better system before participating is counterproductive. I guarantee that racists and rapists and facists are voting, and I don’t want to let them take the wheel. There are also lots of people here who wish they could vote but can’t, so I take it seriously. If you’re looking to find ways to vote as responsibly as possible, check out some of these cool resources!


Be sure to check up on your voter registration regularly as I have been hearing reports of people being registered one week, and unregistered the next. (Oh remember in 2016 when the federal courts gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1964?? No?? That’s what they’re counting on y’all.) Please check up on your registration and make sure it’s up to date!

Vote Meow! Being an engaged civic participant feels really heavy especially in this traumatizing state of affairs and always-on news cycle. This tool combines voter registration with petting virtual cats. You’re welcome! Want a more robust, no-nonsense approach? Check out to check your registration status, get an absentee ballot, and more.

Know & Exercise Your Rights

Rock The Vote. Get pumped about voting and learn about the ways people in power hope to stop you from doing so— then fight. Learn about what your rights are in case anyone challenges you or you see a problem at the polls.

Know Your Rights: Voter Intimidation. If anyone tries to intimidate, scare, or misinform you so you can’t vote, you can report it and make sure you get to vote. Check out this handy PDF on voter intimidation and what you can do about it.

Get Informed

Represent by ProPublica. Look up your representatives, lobbies, or legislation here and get a break down of what has gone on. It’s easy to navigate and search, and more clear and succinct than trying to absorb all the information before ProPublica has helped process it for you.

BallotReady. This site pulls together information on all the candidates and measures appearing on your ballot. (Measures are not finalized so you won’t see those quite yet.) They do have a strict screening process for the date they pull onto the site so you’ll likely see more on incumbents, and more on federal and state level candidates than on folks who are new to politics or people who are running for local seats. That said you’ll always get their names (googleable!) and usually at least a website if they have one.

Stay Active

Issue Voter. Do you care about things? Issue Voter will tell you about when those things come up and your opinions can be sent to your representatives! It’sll also tell you about what decisions were made regarding the things you care about. Rad!

Get Her Elected. Do you have at least one skill? Do you want to get progressive women into more offices (even ones that aren’t local to you)? You’ve gotta sign up for this newsletter that tells you about volunteer-based opportunities to help women candidates with campaigns. Maybe you can help enter data, or make charts, or edit a video, or help write a speech, or do research, or make graphics. All volunteer needs are outlined clearly and vetted.

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