How long have you been blogging?

I've been blogging since I was around 15. This site has gone through many redesigns and one complete rebrand. Most recently it's moved from Blogger to Squarespace! I've always really enjoyed having an outlet here that's a project all my own-- I don't have to meet any goals except the ones I set for myself, and no matter where I work or live, it's a nice little constant in my life.

Where can I reach you?

Twitter is the easiest way to connect with me @harperyi. If you would like to send me an email, you can do so via my contact page or by emailing harper (at) harperhoney (dot) com.

How can I support Harper Honey?

I have a donation site set up where you can "buy me a coffee" at ko-fi.com/harperyi. You can also support me by following me across social on twitter, instagram, facebook, and pinterest. Signing up for my mailing list is another great way to support me!


Why do you monetize?

This site, like any other content, is work. I pay for hosting services, domain, and other maintenance to keep this site up. In addition, the work I do putting together content is real work. I monetize because without monetizing this site, I wouldn't be as able to keep it up and running. You can learn about how I monetize on my terms page.

Do you take guest posts?

No, I do not take guest posts at this time. If you are interested in collaborating with me, please contact me directly via my contact page or at harper (at) harperhoney (dot) com


Are you willing to work with my brand?

I am open to working with brands and companies to create sponsored content or reviews. You can learn more about working with me on my collaborate page.